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The anatomical BSC-Stem cemented
The BSC-Stem, adapted to the human anatomy (according to Prof. G. Biehl, M.D.) is available in a cemented and cementless version. The BSC-Stem intended for cemented implantation consists of a rust-free implant material M30 with a slightly roughed surfaces and is also equipped with longitudinal grooves. This ensures good and secure anchoring in the cement casing.
  • Material: The cemented prosthesis is made of rust-free implant material M30 according to ISO 5832-9.
  • Surface: The surface of the implant is slightly roughed up is also equipped with longitudinal grooves.
  • Size classification: The cemented system has over 7 sizes.
  • CCD-angle: The CCD angle is 135 degrees.
For both the cemented as well as the cementless version, the same easy and easy-to-follow instrument is used. After the femur marrow has been milled, it is possible to determine the correct size and length directly with the modular rasp and trial-heads. Exact coordination between the instrument and the implant allows secure, efficient and precise work.