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The cemented Full, Flat and Snap Profile PE-Cup

The cemented PE-Cup supports the cemented coverage of the acetabulum. With its very wide variety of internal and external sizes, the socket covers a considerable range of indications. It is compatible with all spherical heads with up to five different neck lengths.

The external diameter is manufactured in gradations of 2 mm for optimum adaptation.

In order to ensure X-ray visibility, all implants are equipped with a ring made of surgical steel.

  • Material: The cemented full, flat or snap-profile cups are made of the material UHMW polyethylene.
  • Size classification:15 sizes are available for 28mm ballheads from size 42mm to 70mm in 2mm increments / 14 sizes are available for 32mm ballheads from size 44mm to 70mm in 2mm increments
  • Instrument: A simple instrument allows convenient and proper implantation of the cemented cups.