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The BreXis Short-Stem

Minimal Bone Loss
Thank`s to the proximal anchorage of the stem in the methaphysis of the femur only a minimum of bone has to be sacrified.

Physiologic load transmission
The BreXis short-stem transmits loading forces in the naturally loaded region of the femur; anatomically and physiologically correct, following the trabecular structures and complying with Wolff`s law, forces are transmitted from the femoral neck in the methaphysis.

Solid anchorage
Safety against subsidence and high rotational stability are key factors for the success of a femoral neck prosthesis. The BreXis short-stem is tapered in axial direction in order to achieve a maximum of axial stability. The macro-structure on the anterior and posterior surfaces increases the contact area and safety against subsidence. The strongly trapezoidal cross-section makes no compromise in terms of rotational stability and maximizes the rotational safety.

Biocompatibility and osseointegration
The biocompatible and well approved titanium-vanadium-alloy is being used as base material of the BreXis short-stem. An additional porous titanium-hydroxylapatite coating in the proximal region increases the osseo-conductive ability and provides the basis for an optimal longterm-stability.

Polished is brilliant in use
The neck of the prosthesis is polished in order to achieve an even higher durability of the already highly durable titanium-forged alloy. The distal end of the prosthesis is polished as well, therefore avoiding bone ingrowth and minimizing “prosthesis-tip-pain”.

  • Material: The BreXis-Stem consists of a high-quality titanium – vanadium– forge alloy Ti6Al4V according ISO 5832 – 3.
  • Coating: Porous titanium-hydroxylapatite coating
  • Size classification: The BreXis-Stem is available in 10 sizes
  • Cone: 12/14

The latest generation of Stemcup Instruments are all mountable and removable without further instruments. With this feature they‘re easy to clean.

A simple and well-arranged instrumentation allows a convenient and correct implantation of the BreXis Short-Stem. After the reaming of the femur there is a possibility to determine the correct size and length with the trial compactor. An exact match between the instrument and the implant allows a reliable, effi cient and precise work.