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The Costa-Stem
(standard/ lateral)

The Costa-stem is a modern triple-tapered straight-stem made of a highly biocompatible forged titanium-niobium-alloy, which`s shape has been optimized according to biometric findings.

Among new findings, the since 25 years clinically proven concept of a cementless anchorage combined with metaphyseal load transmission has been integrated in the design of the Costa-stem in order to realize an innovative product.

Two offset versions allow an anatomically adapted reconstruction and therewith a preciser adjustment of lever arms and muscle forces.

Overall the Costa-stem is available in 20 sizes (10 x standard, 10 x lateralized), which makes an adequate treatment of different femur sizes possible.

The mentioned features are the link between the classic anchorage principle and the latest findings in total hip arthroplasty.

Prof. Dr. med. Georg Köster

Prof. Dr. med. Georg Köster, Lorsch

  • Material: The Costa-Stem consists of a high-quality titanium – niobium – forge alloy Ti6Al7Nb according to ISO 5832 – 11.
  • Surface roughness: The surface of the Costa-Stem is corundum blasted and has a roughness of 4-6 µm, which results in a good osteointegration of the bones.
  • Size classification: The Costa-Stems standard and lateral are available in 10 sizes each from size 1 to 10.
  • Cone: 12/14.
  • CCD-angle: Costa-Stem standard 135 degrees.
    Costa-Stem lateral 126 degrees.



26.03.2008 -- direct postoperative x-ray picture








31.03.2009 -- 12 month postoperative x-ray picture