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The SCS/SCL-Stem
Standard / Lateral
With our further-developed cementless SCS/SCL-Stem system with long sectional anchoring we are able to offer an implant which has been proven for many years. This stem system is available in lateral and standard models.

The double conical form which has proven effective for many years, guarantees a high rotation and primary stability and allows early post-operative stress and maximum restoration of the patient's mobility. The system is suitable both for primary implants as well as for revision procedures.

  • Material: The prosthesis consists of a high-quality titanium – niobium – forge alloy Ti6Al7Nb according to ISO 5832 – 11.
  • Surface roughness of the prosthesis: The surface of the prosthesis is special fused alumina-radiated and has a roughness of 4-6 µm, which results in a good osteointegration of the bones.
  • Size classification: The SCS-Stem standard is available in 12 sizes from size 01, 0 and 1 to 10. The SCL-Stem lateral is available in 7 sizes, from size 3 to size 9.
  • Cone: The prosthesis is equipped with the Euro cone 12/14.
  • CCD-angle: SCS-Stem standard 131 degrees.
    SCL-Stem lateral 127 degrees.
  • Ball rotation centre: Same rotation point of the ball heads for lateral and standard stem.
  • Range of motion(ROM): The slender neck area and the short cone allow greater mobility of the hip joint.
The easy-to-handle and easy-to-clean instrument allows secure and precise work. Exact coordination between the instrument and the implant allow precise placement of the implant and implementation of operation planning. This allows secure, efficient and precise work.
X-ray of an SCS-Stem