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The SSC- threaded cup

The cementless SSC cup is a parabolically shaped threaded cup made of pure titanium according to ISO 5832-2. An external feature is a patented self-cutting trapezoid thread (Pat. EP 1061867). This thread type allows a substantially easier screwing of the cup with respect to comparable threaded cup systems[1].

Thanks to this feature, the operator can follow exactly how the “set point” – i.e. the contact of the cup body with the pre-reamed acetabular bed – is being reached. An over-screwing of the cup is almost impossible.

Thanks to its parabolic shell, the cup achieves a very high axial and primary stability. The external cone angle, which increases with increasing outer diameter, is adjusted to the bone structure and allows a bone-sparing implantation.

The opening at the bottom of the cup allows an optical control of the correct depth of insertion and enables, when necessary, a subsequent relining with cancellous bone material. The bottom of the cup is tightly closed with a simple-to-handle patented bottom lock of pure titanium (Pat. EP 1441673).

A fast osseointegration and a good secondary stability is achieved through the corundum-blasted surface.
The SSC threaded cup is available in 9 sizes with diameters from 45 to 72 mm. Both polyethylene and ceramic inserts are available. Ceramic inserts for 32 mm femoral heads can be inserted for the smallest size 45. The polyethylene inserts are available in standard version and, for special cases, in a dysplasia version. For the dysplasia version, the position of rim elevation is freely selectable.

Dr. med. J. Schunck, Cologne

[1] Effenberger H et al. Eindrehverhalten von Schraubpfannen
Zeitschrift für Orthopädie + Unfallchirurgie 2008;

  • Material: The SSC-Cup consists of pure titanium ISO 5832-2.
  • Surface roughness of the cup: The surface of the SSC-Cup is corundum-blasted and has a roughness of 4-6 µm, which results in a good osteointegration of the bones.
  • The parabola cup shape: The parabola cup shape makes it extremely tip-proof and ensures good primary stability.
  • Size classification: The product line offers 9 sizes, from a diameter 45 to 72 mm.
  • Cup insert: Starting with size 45 it is possible to use ceramic inserts for 32 mm ball heads and from size 50 it is possible to use 36 mm ball heads. Ceramic inserts of 32, 36 and 40 mm are available. The PE inserts each in standard and dyplasia – model 28 and 32 mm.
  • Cup bottom: The cup bottom is open and makes it possible to insert a spongiosa sub-lining after the cup has been positioned. With an easy-to-position and patented cover made of titanium, the cup is then closed and is flush (Pat. EP 1441673).
The easy-to-handle and easy-to-clean instrument allows secure and precise work. Exact coordination between the instrument and the implant allows precise positioning of the implant and implementation of operation planning and allow facilitates safe, efficient and precise work.