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The Stelia-Stem
(standard/ lateral)

Ste=Stemcup / LIA= Less Invasive Approach

Less Bone Loss
Due to the reduced lateral shoulder of the prosthesis, the trochanter major remains almost complete. This makes the stem to an appropriate solution for minimaly invasive surgeries.

Approved meta-diaphysis anchorage
The cementless implantable Stelia Stem integrate the established characteristics from the SCS/SCL Stem with his long lasting proven diaphysis anchorage. His rectangular, double conical straight stem design warranted a high rotational and primary stability.

Biocompatibility and Osseointegration
The biocompatible Titanium-Aluminum-Niobium alloy is used as the base material for the Stelia Stem. The grid blasted surface with the additional combined Titanium-Hydroxyapatite coating in the proximal area improves the osseointegration and leads to good long-term stability.

The optimized neckgeometry for better range of motion is additionaly polished to enhance the neckstability.

A simple and well-arranged instrumentation, especially developed for minimal-invasive surgeries, guarantees an easy and safe handling and leads to correct implanted Stelia Stems.

  • Material: The Stelia-Stem consists of a high-quality titanium – niobium – forge alloy Ti6Al7Nb according to ISO 5832 – 11.
  • Surface roughness: The surface of the Stelia-Stem is corundum blasted in the distal region and has a roughness of 4-6 µm. In the proximal area it has a Ti/HA coating with a roughness Ra of 30-35µm, which results in a good osteointegration of the bone.
  • Size classification: The Stelia-Stem standard is available in 12 sizes and the Stelia-Stem lateral in 9 sizes.
  • Cone: 12/14.
  • CCD-angle: Stelia-Stem standard 131 degrees.
    Stelia-Stem lateral 127 degrees.

The latest generation of Stemcup Instruments are all mountable and removable without further instruments. With this feature they‘re easy to clean.

A simple and well-arranged instrumentation allows a convenient and correct implantation of the Stelia Stem. After the reaming of the femur there is a possibility to determine the correct size and length with the trial rasp. An exact match between the instrument and the implant allows a reliable, effi cient and precise work.