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The SCR-Revision-Stem
With our further-developed cementless SCR-Revision-Stem with long sectional anchoring, we can offer an implant which has been proven effective for many years and which is made of a titanium alloy Ti6Al7Nb. The double conical shape and the extended distal stem section allow high rotation and primary stability even with bone defects. This allows early post-operative stress and maximum restoration of patient mobility.
  • Material: The prosthesis consists of a titanium alloy Ti6Al7Nb according to ISO 5832-11.
  • Surface roughness: The corundum-blasted and heavily roughed surface allow optimum bone integration.
  • Size classification: The SCR-Revision-Stem is available in 9 sizes, equipped with the Euro cone 12/14 and can be either with ceramic or metal ball heads.
  • CCD Angle: The CCD angle is 131 degrees.
An easy-to-handle instrument allows convenient and proper implantation of the SCR-Revision-Stem. After the femur marrow has been milled, it is possible to manipulate the area or to determine the correct size and length directly with the modular rasp and trial-heads. Exact coordination between the instrument and the implant allows secure, efficient and precise work.