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BSC Macro Cup

The spherical BSC Pressfit Cup aims to achieve optimal restoration of the anatomical acetabular function of the hip joint with physiological force application.

The pressfit mold is slightly flattened at the pole and larger in diameter than the pre-milled acetabular bed in the bone.
11 sizes from 46 to 66 mm diameter allow optimal adaptation to the anatomical conditions.

BSC Macro Cup with Delta Ceramic Insert
BSC Macro with Vitamin E Xonit Insert and Delta Ball Head

Product details

The prosthesis is made of pure titanium ISO 5832-2.

Surface of the prosthesis:
Corundum-blasted macrostructure.
Also available with additional pure titanium/hydroxyapatite coating.

11 cup diameters from Ø 46-66mm
closed version / 3 hole version

Spherical outer shape, Flattened cup pole.

Special feature:
No instrument pick-up on the conical insert contact surface, thus avoiding damage to the ceramic insert.

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