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SSC Screwcup

The cementless SSC cup is a parabolically shaped screw cup made of pure titanium according to ISO 5832-2.

Its external characteristic is a patented, self-tapping trapezoidal thread. This type of thread allows the cup to be screwed in much more easily than comparable screw cup systems.

Due to its parabolic shape, the cup achieves very high tilt and primary stability. The external taper angle, which increases with increasing outer diameter, is adapted to the bone structure and enables bone-saving implantation.

SSC Screw Cup with Xonit Insert and Delta Ball Head
SSC Screw Cup with Delta Insert

Product details

The prosthesis is made of pure titanium according to ISO 5832-2.

Surface roughness of the prosthesis:

Corundum blasted surface / roughness: Ra 4 - 6 μm.

Size classification:
9 cup sizes from Ø 45 - 72 mm
parabolic outer shape

Cup bottom:
Opening at the bottom of the cup for inspection and relining with cancellous bone material. Closable with bottom lock.

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