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(standard / lateral)

The cementless implantable Stelia stem integrates the proven features of the SCS/SCL stem with its long-standing diaphyseal anchorage principle.

Its rectangular, double-conical straight stem design ensures high rotational and primary stability.

Thanks to the reduction of the proximal prosthetic shoulder, the trochanteric mass is preserved and thus meets the bone-saving and soft-tissue-sparing requirements of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Stelia shaft
Stelia shaft

Product details

The prosthesis is made of high quality titanium - niobium - forging alloy Ti6Al7Nb according to ISO 5832 - 11.

Surface roughness of the prosthesis:

The surface of the prosthesis is corundum blasted and has a roughness of 4 - 6 µm, which leads to very good osteointegration of the bone.

The porous titanium hydroxyapatite coating in the proximal area additionally increases the osseoconductive properties and forms the basis for optimal long-term stability.

Size classification:

The Stelia Stem Standard is available in 12 sizes, from size 01, 0-10.
The Stelia stem Lateral is available in 9 sizes, from size 1 to size 9.

The prosthesis is provided with a 12/14 taper.

CCD Angle:
Stelia Stem Standard 131 degrees.
Stelia Stem Lateral 127 degrees.

Neck design:
Optimized neck geometry for improved range of motion is polished to further increase the strength of the already high-strength titanium forged alloy.

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