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XentraX Screwcup

The cementless XentraX screw cup is equipped with a patented and self-tapping trapezoidal thread on the spherical outer form. This type of thread allows the cup to be screwed in much more easily than comparable screw cup systems.

The XentraX cup is made of pure titanium according to ISO 5832-2. The corundum-blasted surface of the cup ensures good secondary stability and rapid osteointegration of the bone.

XentraX pan with Delta ceramic insert and ball head
XentraX pan with patented thread

Product details

The prosthesis is made of pure titanium ISO 5832-2.

Surface roughness of the prosthesis:
The surface of the prosthesis is corundum-blasted and has a roughness of 4 - 6 µm, which leads to very good osteointegration of the bone.

12 cup diameters from Ø 46-68mm.

spherical outer shape


patented self-tapping negative trapezoidal thread.

Base opening:
Opening at the bottom of the cup for inspection and relining with cancellous bone material.
Closable with patented bottom closure.

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