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MOP Plate

The MOP Trochanteric Plate is a versatile plate solution for the treatment of trochanteric fractures and osteotomies.
An innovative plate contour allows for multiple fixation options (e.g., screws, screw cerclage systems), improving stabilization for any type of trochanteric fracture.

Multiple screw placement options and angular freedom of screws allow the plate to be combined with an intramedullary system or in combination with a hip stem.

The MOP Trochanteric Plate is offered in sterile packaging as well as shipped non-sterile. It is the ideal solution for multiple indications. (e.g., as an emergency plate for trochanteric reattachment during hip arthroplasty).

Author: Prof.Dr. med. Claudio Dora

MOP Trochanter plate
SCR instrument set including maniipulator shafts

Product details

Material: Implant steel 1.4441, ISO 5832-1

Large plate for left/right
Small plate for left/right

System Short Description:
The MOP Trochanter Plate has two fixed hooks that can be used to grasp the torn trochanter and fix it to the femur.

A third manually adjustable hook improves fixation of the torn trochanter.

The MOP Trochanter Plate Hook is attached to the MOP Trochanter Plate with the MOP Trochanter Plate Connecting Screw T-20.

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