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Exactech Products
Optetrak Logic Knee
Equinoxe Shoulder
Vantage Ankle

Since 2014 Stemcup distributes products of the company Exactech.

In addition to the proven Logic knee system, the Equinoxe shoulder and the ankle prosthesis Vantage, which was co-developed by Prof. Valderrabano, MD, are also distributed.

Vantage Mobile Bearing
Equinoxe Platform Shoulder System

Product details

Optetrak Logic Knee:
Based on more than 30 years of clinical results
of the Hospital for Special Surgery, Exactech's comprehensive knee systems address your concerns about contact loading, patella tracking, polyethylene wear, joint stability and bone preservation with a streamlined instrumentation that allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

GPS Navigation:
ExactechGPS® Guided Personalized Surgery is an advanced surgical technology that provides surgeons with real-time visual guidance and alignment data in knee and shoulder arthroplasty.
ExactechGPS is customized to the surgeon's preferences and is a powerful addition to achieve the surgical team's goal of effectiveness, efficiency and economy in surgery.

Equinoxe Shoulder:
The Equinoxe® Shoulder System redefines the term "anatomical." The primary system enables
independent adjustment of all four anatomical parameters in situ. The optimized design of the inverse version Equinoxe Reverse minimizes both damage to the scapula by "notching" and the torques acting on the glenoid. The components of the reverse system can be easily combined with the primary stems and the platform stems of the fracture system.
The design of all stems in the system as platform stems allows the surgeon to opt intraoperatively for hemiarthroplasty, primary total shoulder arthroplasty or inverse shoulder arthroplasty, or to seamlessly switch to an inverse prosthesis should revision become necessary.

Vantage ankle:
The Exactech Vantage® ankle System was developed in collaboration with research and expertise from the world's leading experts in the field of ankle arthroplasty. The goal of the development was to offer an anatomical and bone-sparing total ankle arthroplasty that takes into account the well-documented complications and biomechanics of the natural ankle.

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