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The design principle of the STEMSYS implant is based on the concept of self-blocking. The cementless versions are made of titanium alloy and have either a single hydroxyapatite layer or a double coating of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite. The cemented versions are made of high nitrogen stainless steel and are fully polished.

Captiv Dual Mobility:
Originally developed in the mid-1970s by Professor Gilles BOUSQUET in St. Etienne (France), the dual Mobility cup has since undergone continuous improvement and now offers a comprehensive solution for intraprosthetic dislocation.

Stemsys stem standard and lateral
Captiv Dual Mobility Cup cementless

Product details

Stemsys stem

Cementless: The prosthesis is made of titanium vanadium according to ISO 5832-3 with hydroxyapatite coating.
Cemented: The prosthesis is made of implant steel ISO 5832-9.

Size classification:
cementless: 12 sizes standard, 10 sizes lateral.
cemented: 10 sizes standard, 10 sizes lateral

The prosthesis is provided with a 12/14 taper.

CCD Angle:
Stemsys Standard 135 degrees.
Stemsys Lateral 128 degrees.

Captiv Dual Mobility Cup

Cement-free: ISO 5832-9 implant steel coated with titanium and hydroxyapatite.
Cemented: Implant steel according to ISO 5832-1
Inserts: UHMWPE according to ISO 5834-1/2

Size classification:
cementless: 10 sizes
cemented: 9 sizes

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