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BreXis Short Stem

The development of the BreXis short stem prosthesis pursued the goal of metaphyseal anchorage and force application. The implant requires only minimal bone resection.

The cancellous bone in the area of the metaphysis as well as the greater trochanter are retained for force introduction and transmission. Thus, the goal of the "second line of defense" is also maintained with the present prosthesis concept.

Finely coordinated sizes and a clear set of instruments facilitate intraoperative determination and selection of the appropriate implant.
The development was based on clinical experience with various "short-stem prostheses" and the present product represents the third generation of this type of prosthesis.

BreXis Short Stem
BreXis Short Stem

Product details

Material and coating:
The prosthesis is made of titanium vanadium ISO 5832-3 and coated with pure titanium and hydroxyapatite.

11 sizes from 0-10

Anchorage principle:
Triple conical basic shape

Rotational stability:
Trapezoidal cross section

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